AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor
The ideal substrate for exterior walls in ventilated or water-managed (directly-applied) systems. Also for façade renovations and exterior ceiling applications.


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is a robust, non-combustible building
panel made of aggregated Portland cement with coated glass fibre mesh
in back and front surfaces. It offers all the benefits of a dry panel
system with the strength of brick and block.
The ends are cut square and edges are reinforced for extra strength (the
EasyEdge®). The panel provides a solid base that withstands extreme weather


■ Alternative to brick and block-work
■ Drylining for faster progress
■ Weather and water-resistant
■ Strong, robust, impact-resistant and non-combustible
■ Can be cut to shape using “score and snap” technique
■ Simple and easy to install
■ Can be bent when dry – up to 1 metre bending radius